Counselling in Newark, online or in person
Welcome to Active Listening Therapies a professional counselling service in Newark on Trent. We offer support to young people, adults, schools and businesses who need employee assistance.
A balanced approach for children & young people
Young people are more aware of the importance of good mental health, but struggle to manage the challenges life presents. At a critical time in life, balance has never been more important.
Understanding the needs of the local community
What ever you are dealing with, counselling will help you make better sense of it. Talking in confidence will encourage you to develop your outlook, while leading toward positive coping strategies.
Finding the authentic you will help you navigate the world in a more positive way.
When you understand what you are going through, and you are aware of what you want and need from yourself and others, you will be in better position to nagivate life's curve balls.
Can we help you?
Depression, stress, anxiety, phobias, body image, abuse, bereavement & loss, self confidence, suicidal thoughts, guilt and financial fears are issues that people in Newark are facing every day. We are here to listen, help you make sense of your circumstances and move forward with you.
A counselling service in your school
We currently have strategic partnerships with three academy schools in the region. This gives us great insight into the issues faced by young people in today's difficult world. Whether you require counselling, or PSHE support, we can help.
Feeling nervous? Come and have a chat, We're local
We want you to be as comfortable as you can during a session, which is why we encourage you to come for a consultation. This allows us to get to know each other, see how you feel about talking, and to put you at ease.
Are you a business in Newark and the surrounding area?
Employee welfare can be expensive, especially when you are paying for your staff to recover at home. Thankfully, counselling with Active Listening Therapies need not be. Partnering with us for your counselling and mental health requirements makes great sense!
Make this summer, YOUR summer...
You have probably been thinking about making a change for a while. The summer feels a great time to arrange your first meeting... We welcome you with empathy and positive regard, to help you make sense of your situation.


Welcome to Active Listening Therapies, an established counselling service in Newark on Trent. If you are considering counselling but haven’t found anything you feel comfortable with yet, hopefully we can help.

We opened in 2017 and have since developed the counselling service to cater for young people, adults, schools and businesses requiring employee assistance. You have the choice of female or male counsellors who work as full-time therapists.

Counselling is also known as talking therapy. The process starts with you sharing your thoughts, worries and circumstances. We then consider causes and trigger points and how we can re-address them, followed by postive coping strategies. Throughout our relationship we will hold you in positive regard – you wont be judged on anything you bring to a session.

Hopefully our site will answer some of your questions… why not come for a consultation to see how counselling can work for you? You’ll find more information about our services below.

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Young People

It’s not easy for a young person to make sense of the modern world. There are many demands which add confusion to an easily influenced mind set.

Whether you are a experiencing life challenges, or you are a concerned parent or guardian, we can help.

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The last few years have redefined how we live our life, and the world is different place. It can feel like there are new challenges to deal with each week.

When considering counselling, the hardest (and most important) part is finding the right counsellor. Come for a consultation, and see how you feel before you commit to exploring your circumstances.

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In today’s post pandemic society many families have had to adapt to new norms which might include disrupted schedules, reduced finances, multiple jobs and choices which may not be ideal.

What ever the situation may be, we have the time and space to discuss, and begin to make sense of tangled emotions, health worries and day-to-day challenges getting the way of a stress free life.

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LGBTQ+, Gender & Identity

At Active Listening Therapies we encourage diversity and inclusion. We believe everyone should be treated respectfully and with compassion. If you are feeling thoughts of change, or are re-inventing yourself, we can help you with your journey.

Sexuality, gender, heritage and identity are deeply personal chapters of your unique story… perhaps there is more to be written? We can help you with that.

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Counselling In Schools

The school environment can be difficult for children and young people who are experiencing life challenges. We understand these demands.

For experienced counsellors that can work alongside your pastoral and teaching staff, we have you covered.

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Workplace support

You may be a business requiring emotional and mental health support for your staff, a GP, or an agency looking to refer on.

We offer male and female counsellors to support you, your staff and your clients with person centred, CBT and solution focussed counselling.

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Facing the emotions of suddenly losing your job

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Session Prices

We want counselling to be as accessible as it can be. To keep things simple, we have two rates:

Individual session cost – £45.00

Three session package – £120.00

We accept the following payment methods: Transfer, Credit & Debit Cards.

Missed appointments will be charged at £25.00

Home Active Listening Therapies
Home Active Listening Therapies

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Active Listening Therapies

Starlite Business Centre

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NG24 3AZ

The office is located on the ground floor and parking is usually available

We are 15 minutes from the following locations:

Coddington, Barnby in the Willows, Farndon, Elston, Southwell, Caunton, Sutton on Trent, Collingham, Beckingham, Long Bennington, Bottesford

We are 20 minutes from the following locations:

Grantham, Bingham, Ollerton, Tuxford, North Hykeham, Witham St Hughes, Radcliffe

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Safe Guarding Info

To discuss your circumstances, feelings, concerns, or general mental well-being, you can email, connect through the web, text, or call us to arrange a consultation.

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